Saturday, March 28, 2009


About an hour ago I was minding my own business, painting with some music playing in the background when I swore I heard the walls shake and someone screaming. So I turned off the music and I could hear the neighbor to the back of me, she was screaming...and it sounded like somebody/something was being thrown against the wall every now and then.

Shaking, I called 911. An officer showed up at my door and I told him where I thought it was coming from, and I immediately put my ear against the wall. I could hear the woman sobbing uncontrollably, then the officer knocked on her door. I don't know what happened, but their apartment became silent the same time the officer left. Maybe something had gone wrong and she accompanied him...who knows. I just hope everything is OK.

**Next day...I wish I had an update! I have never seen these neighbors before, we are back-to-back so we never cross paths. I'm too much of a chicken to go over and find out if everything is ok.

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Unknown said...

Kim, did you ever find out what happened?