Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2!

O.M.G. I cooked!
I threw a pot roast in the slow cooker...does that count? If the beef looks dry it's because it was! It was a very lean cut which kept it from being super juicy, but it was still delicious. Amanda kept saying over and over again that she was amazed that #1 I cooked at ALL, and #2 that it tasted so GOOD! Why is this such a big deal?

I found that if I work WITH my curls, they don't seem quite so scary. I'm still not thrilled about how my hair looks, but it's different and fun. There will also be a 5:00 showing of Monsters vs Aliens on my huge IMAX forehead.

I had so much planned for this morning, but my tired body got the best of me and I napped instead. Why is my body so tired, you ask? I have no idea. It just was. I think it's trying to be narcoleptic...but instead of falling asleep instantly it just goes into super slo-mo until I recharge for a couple of hours.

I did get to the gym this afternoon after picking up Brandon from school, and put in 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I normally hate that thing, but the ones they have at my gym have a TV on the panel thingy. So I work up a good sweat while I watch Wife Swap, careful to not shout obscenities at the lame husbands and lazy kids. Makes the time fly by!

It was a little harder for me to be motivated today, but I know that's part of the business of change. It's not supposed to be easy!


PK3 said...

Keep it up Kim, you are the greatest!! You just have to convince yourself of that. I hope you keep posting your stories...if nothing else this blog is very entertaining for those of us not trying to change! j/k Let us know how we can help.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you were tired from digesting such a feast! Great work on the gym. Ummm, I have a membership to one, I even think I know where it is but couldn't tell you what the inside looks like. Maybe I should try to take my slow self and check it out. It would be good for me to go Everyday.

Amanda said...

Awesome job, Kim! And I think your hair is cute. I am taking a break from tackling the massive piles of papers on my counter, dining room table, desk, and other places. My kids have succeeded in setting me back a good half hour or so by pulling everything out of the TV cabinet, but Evan's apology was so sweet and heart-felt that I couldn't get too mad. Hooray for change!