Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3...

I need to pull a day out of somewhere...I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm hoping that things turn around after my morning nap. The kids have been on each other and if they don't knock it off I'm gonna have to body slam someone. OK, most necessary change of the day: ATTITUDE.

Bah Humbug.


I hit every green light on my way home from school drop off, I didn't have to slow down to join the other rats racing along I25, and I did not pass GO or collect $200. As if!

My apartment welcomed me with warmth and compassion and I stripped to my nap uniform of undies, T-shirt, and socks. Got the visual? Need a spoon to dig your eyes out? Anyhoo, the universe clearly wanted my butt in bed which is exactly where it went.

I must have slept great because I awoke on my own about a half hour before my alarms were set to ring. I set three alarms...yes three...two on my phone and the one by my bed. One only has to oversleep once and be late to get her son from school before she learns her lesson.

So to wrap things up, retrieved B from school, had a great workout at the gym, stocked up on some staples in preparation for the nasty storm that awaits us.

Attitude adjusted.

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Anonymous said...

Sleep. Sleep beckons me as well as my late night and early start have caught up to me as well. In my haste to be productive I have managed to push too long without sleep and now I find myself unable to focus and concentrate. Its time to retire to my version of the nap uniform. Feel free to create that scary image in your mind. I enjoy your take on the day and if the only thing that changes is attitude I think it was a grand accomplishment. I hope to have a better attitude Everyday.