Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 9...movin' stuff around

My apartment has always looked more like a poor college student's pad than a home to me and my kids. I have acquired most of my furnishings at yard sales and from friends who were giving things away, so it's all very mismatched. I'm on the lookout for a couple of things that would help it all look a little better, the first being a frame for my bed, and the second being a small desk for the kids' computer so that it can come up off the floor.

Despite a tiring strength training workout this morning, I moved some heavy furniture around and got the ball rolling for a new look to our home. It will be a bit messy for a while since I go back to work tonight, but I'm excited to see what I can do with the place by rearranging.

Change is GOOD!!


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Anonymous said...

Ah college dorm room memories. Something from this dumpster, something from that, the occasional splurge at goodwill after selling the past semesters books back and pocketing the money my parents gave me for the books in the first place. Life was good. eclectically matched but good. Wake up late, think about going to class, decide what cap to wear to allow more time lounging and less time cleaning up, the woes of the professional student.
(wow) that was odd, I just had a few minutes of missing time during a flashback, or 3, about school daze.
Anyway, dont feel bad about the college furniture look, I am still dragging around furniture I got when I was in college. (i wish my education had lasted as long as some of this second, third, and more hand stuff has survived.) I think about purging that stuff Everyday, and eventually when I gather the inner courage to dispose of it I will make a new generation of back alley dumpster shopper very happy. Before I do I'm gonna dig through all the cushions and look for spare change treasure!