Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 8...grateful

Today I am grateful for many little things
like babies sleeping in my bed, comfortable with
the life they share with me.
Snuggled peacefully before starting their busy day
of learning, playing, and being.
I am grateful for my own health and ambition
to make myself a better person, to be
whole on the inside and strong on the outside.
I am grateful for the discomfort of my life,
as it has given me the drive and desire to make it better...
to learn how to face the hard times
and emerge more resilient and tenacious than ever.

I am grateful for my amazing children

who take my breath away with their
beauty, innocence, and courage.

They are surely angels from heaven...

I am grateful for their youthful wisdom,
their desire to learn and expand their minds
with all that is necessary to succeed in this world.

I am grateful for our smiles that are
shared together always.


Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

I wish Everyday could look like today! It sounded great, hope there were other good parts of the day too!

Anonymous said...

you sound more at peace with your life. That comes with knowing who you are and what your goal is. You are achieving it! keep going! Peace be with you. CG