Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 7...already?

Has it been a week already? Actually, it seems like my month should be over. For whatever reason it feels as if this past week has lasted FOREVER. But I digress...today I went for a swim. Judging by how I did during last year's triathlon, it's clear swimming is NOT my forte. In fact, if I could avoid the water all together I would be one happy woman; however, that defeats the purpose of a TRIathlon. There are three components to that race, the first being a 1/2 mile swim. Damn. I HAVE to swim!

You see, I don't particularly like the water. For one thing, I don't like how it feels on my skin right away...it feels like pins and needles are pricking away at me one square millimeter at a time. I just don't like the feeling of water on dry skin. Yes I AM weird.

Secondly, I'm claustrophobic. The thought of being out of breath and having to put my face into the water almost sends me into a panic and I don't like it. So in a general sorta way, I just don't care for the water. BUT...since it's the first leg of the triathlon I have paid for, I need to knock off the whining and get in the water already.

So that's what I did today. I got into the water. Since I opted for the warmer pool, I didn't have the exact 25 meter lengths I was used to, so I just swam until I was tired of swimming any more. What I did enjoy was the quiet that the water gave me. When I did the lengths on my back, my world was silent except for my breathing. I was buoyant and silent; it was almost hypnotic. It was wonderful!

To sum it up, today wasn't exactly balls to the walls like I prefer; instead, it was relaxing, enjoyable, and freeing. I did enjoy the water today more than I ever have. It was beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

it is serene, calming and life giving. I love the water, love to be surrounded by it and in it when possible. I swam for years, Everyday, often more than once a day. It was a place that was quiet and free from other interference from the rest of the world. That may be why I like it so much, the silence, the isolation, time for introspection.

I understand your deference for the water though as it can be an acquired experience. Water is so simple yet it is such a powerful thing to overcome. Much like many of the changes you are trying to make in your life it is simple but so difficult to control as it spills from its boundaries and defies containment. Water appears outwardly gentle and calm but can be pushed and transformed into the most destructive force on the planet. It is to be respected.

Yet you have been able to work with the water in your life and allow it to flow, carving new channels and paths through what use to be formidible mountains. Making important changes as it erodes the mountains with each grain of sand and each stone carried away to be deposited elsewhere. The water cleanses the landscape and deposits its particles to create a fertile new landscape to be cultivated. Rich in fertility this new land is open to be claimed, homesteaded, worked, and made productive for the future.

As you learn to enjoy the water, enjoy each of the changes you have undertaken and care for the seeds of a new beginning that sprout in the new field of your future. The growing seasons has just begun!