Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 6, tired but good

I pushed myself extra hard at the gym yesterday and today my hip joints are aching, so I decided to give my body some rest and not work out. Rest is just about all I've done today it seems, because I have felt very tired. So I guess that's my change for today, that I allowed myself the day to recharge my body. I don't feel guilty about napping and I don't feel lazy for not running around like crazy.

It's only day six and I'm already boring myself with my daily updates. Ugh. Tomorrow is a day off, so maybe I'll have the physical energy to tap into some mental energy to figure out how to be more creative with this change business. It's going to be a beautiful warm sunny day tomorrow - what a great time to get outside and be inspired!


Anonymous said...

I felt like I was dragging all day as well. Wish I had the good sense to rest and not be guilted about it. Rest rules! I think I need to work in more time for it Everyday, although I still need to find a good balance to get everything else done. Your updates are not boring me yet but I reserve the right to yawn as the month progresses. hehehe. I hope the weather holds for tomorrow as well so I can enjoy the outdoors!

Anonymous said...

Am yawning as well. Had to muster up the energy to go and work out at the wellness center. I tried talking Gene into a walk around the park because it was so cool today, he said it was to cold so we went and worked out. Glad we did my body needed it after working the weekend. Helps relieve the stress. Tomorrow is another day. Don't stop the daily updates we all look forward to them. Helps to feel you are not alone in this lifetime adventure! Love and Prayers CG