Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top dawg

Congratulations to Brandon, who holds the honor of being top reader out of all the kindergartners in his school! We are so proud of him! Amanda wanted to throw him a surprise congrats celebration in his honor...

Amanda got out the crayons and some paper

and together we made congratulatory signs.

He knew something was going on, but we wouldn't let him into the kitchen. He was surprised to see the signs and the pan of brownies that were made for him.

They were happy little clowns! I'm proud of Brandon for doing such a great job and I'm proud of Amanda for doing something special on his behalf.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Brandon! Way to be a great sister, Amanda. I am sure you are so proud. You three look beautiful! :)

Amanda said...

That is so sweet of Amanda! And what an awesome accomplishment for Brandon! What great kids all around!

Anonymous said...

Everyday children suprise their parents. Sometimes it is with unexpected irritations, sometimes with astounding joys. I loved this posting. It is great to see siblings demonstrating care, compassion and sharing happiness together. You have great kids and life is so much easier when their positive potentials are shining. Brandon rocks his reading and his Amanda is amazing and thoughtful beyond what is expected. Thank you for sharing this story with the rest of us.