Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wish list

I'm a little cranky right now so the best thing I can think of to remedy my mood is to write it out. Sometimes my mind races, I mean literally races from one subject or image or thought to another without a moment's hesitation. I'm thinking about pasting sponsorship logos on my humongous forehead, a la Nascar.

So I'm gonna gripe a little if you don't mind. Here is my wish list for today...maybe by December Santa will have pulled one or two of my wishes out of his jolly red butt.

I wish for energy, even after I've had eight hours of the most sound, amazing a matter of fact I'm asleep right now. I'm a good multi-tasker. I wish for good health, that my tonsils would decide once and for all to stop flaring up. They keep playing games with me, one side gets infected and nasty, then clears up, then the other side just gets raw and painfully sore. I wish they would just knock it off already.

I wish parenting, co-parenting, divorce, marriage, and all relationships in between all came with a guide book and how-to pictures that if followed correctly, produced blissful happiness. I am great at following rules...I promise I would be a straight-A student.

I wish the airport was about twenty miles closer, so we could be next-door-neighbors. I wouldn't mind listening to the airplanes coming and going, I just don't want the loooonnnnngggg commute I have to take to get to my job. The one I enjoy. The one I don't want to give up because for the first time in my ever-loving life I enjoy going to work each day. Call me crazy.

I wish the giant pimple on my chin would piss or get off the pot already. I don't appreciate that this large red appendage has subletted the left side of my chin, without my permission. Maybe an eviction notice tacked next to it will at least take the focus off the pimple...

I wish for world peace...hold up...if we had world peace I would be out of a job. about peace of self. There it is. I want to be at peace.

I wish I could focus, for just two seconds. Sometimes I swear Hammy takes over my thought processes...Over the Hedge it.

Huh. I've run out of wishes. Just as I thought, writing it all out diffused the problem enough that I feel like I can carry on with my evening with a little bit more sanity than I started it with. Thank you all for the therapy session, you can bill me later.

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