Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love to read, and one thing I'm thrilled about is the kids' love for reading. They are both great readers, but I've had a difficult time keeping them interested in finishing books they start at home.

I realized a couple things were necessary in order to con the kids into reading at home. To start, I created a little reading nook in their bedroom, a place that is well-lit and comfortable. I found several colorful, large, comfy pillows at the thrift store and piled them on the floor beneath a lamp. Too easy.

Next, to the thrift store I returned to browse the book section until I found something that fit the particular interests of each of the kids. I found one for Amanda titled "Mandy" about an orphan who finds solace in her imagination and in a cottage she finds on the outside of the orphanage property. Imagination, adventure, fantasy, title with her name...BINGO.

For Brandon I found a book about a fourth grader who finds a spacecraft outside her window and gets taken to the planet Smoo. Adventure, space travel, funny names like Smoo, Gax, and Poog.
Who wouldn't love a book like that??

They are hooked. My kids are now reading amok, disappearing to the nook to sneak a few minutes here and there. Amanda needs a little help getting through hers because of the huge words it contains, but she is captivated with the story.

Score one for Mama K.


Unknown said...

That is wonderful. I hope my kids love to read when they learn, as well. The reading nook is perfect. I saw that in a magazine or somewhere recently! Great job, Kim! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, great kids, great mom!!Things are starting to have a comfortable and easy going feel these days. I love it! That is of course mixed in with some of the muck but on the whole life seems to be getting back to normal for all of you! Prayers and Love Carol and Gene