Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best friends

I don't have any pictures to prove myself here, so you just need to trust me. Maybe I should set up motion censor cameras around the house, or wear a hidden camera in the strap of my purse. I will find a way, because the two people in question don't seem to want their actions to become public knowledge.

Amanda and Brandon have been acting odd lately with all the hand holding and giggling and hugging and showing our "I love you" sign to each other. I'm a little bothered by this because this is SO unlike them. Constant friendliness between the two just isn't normal and I'm still wondering who spiked their Capri Suns.

It really is no mystery, though. Up until the day school started they were rival enemies, literally taking shots at each other, physically fighting, basically driving me to the brink of insanity. I hoped it was because they were sick of spending so much time together...I mean, once school let out in May they were together, 24/7. I'd be a little irritated too.

All it took was the first day of school and since then they have made a complete turnaround. They talk about how cool it is to see and play with each other at recess, and how that is the best part of their day. They don't bicker, they don't call names, they don't tease.

I'm lovin' it...and I will get photographic evidence on this blog if it kills me.

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Amanda said...

Oh, that must be so wonderful! I look forward to that day with great hope b/c right now, mine are the COMPLETE opposite! At each others' throats, using each other as punching bags, antagonizing each other ... I'm sure you know how it is. Please tell me it's a phase!