Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have my work cut out for me

Um...I measured myself today.  And I calculated my body fat.  Reality bites.  When I first announced my desire to make some changes, I stated something I regret just a little...
"I'm not afraid to be up front about my measurements..."
I guess this means I need to stay true to my word.  Crap.  Here you go world...

As of 10/07/2009 (measurements at largest part)

Height:  5' 10"
Weight:  152 lbs
Chest:  38"
Waist:  32"
Hips:  39"
Thighs: 23 1/4"
Calves:  14"

Body fat:  28% (!!!!!!!!)
42.6 lbs fat (hold on while I cry for a few minutes)
109.4 lbs lean (muscle, bone, body water)

In the past I have measured body fat with the dunking method (water displacement), caliper, and measurements, and they have all given pretty much the same results.  So, I'm fairly confident in how I measured this morning.  Again, click here for a link to the body fat test I used.

Time to pack my workout clothes for tomorrow...


Karen said...

Hey Kim,

I've been working with a personal trainer every week since March and I plugged in my most recent measurements to the link you provided and it gave me a much higher body fat % than what my trainer calculates. It said my BF% was 26.3% but my trainer shows me at 21.5% using all those measurements plus the pinch test, so it might not be as bad as you think? I've never looked up the pinch test online, but you can buy the little measurement tool for it for around $5, so just a thought. Good luck with your new fitness goals and if you need any support or inspiration I've been blogging about my weight loss journey all year...I've lost 24 lbs. and counting so far! Good luck! Karen

Anonymous said...

We have a new machine at the wellness center. It looks like an alien from outer space. You stand on it, press a few buttons and it prints out everything, weight, BMI, water weight and fat. Very interesting. Wondering if you have ever heard or seen one. I am assuming it is correct not sure. Anyway I didn't like the readings yuck!! hoping it is not right but I'm betting it is. I don't get on it anymore than I have to. Shame on me!! I will take hints from you and work harder. I worked out yest erday and today. Hurt a muscle or pinched a nerve or something God this getting old is for the birds. I will keep trying. Love ya Carol

The Accidental Somebody said...

Karen, thank you for your input! I might buy the measurement tool to see what kind of difference it gives me. Honestly, as long as whatever I'm using is consistent and shows that I'm making progress, the actual number isn't really the most important thing. Pants are sometimes the best way to gauge success!

I'll be checking out your blog to see how you've been doing. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Kim :)

The Accidental Somebody said...


You're doing great! You need to give yourself a little credit - I see a lot of women at the airport who are around your age and many can hardly walk, let alone go to a wellness center. Keep it up!!

Kim :)

Unfortunate Actress said...

You also need to give yourself credit including the fact that I, your littler sister by seven years, and shorter by four inches, was at the same place you are four months ago. Almost to the inch. So in my book, you've already made progress by invervening before you even started to look "bad".