Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a start

Today I began the journey to the center of my girth. BA DA BUM...  First thing this morning I weighed in at 152.6, not bad.  The only reason I even weigh myself is so that I can calculate my bodyfat percentage, otherwise it is useless.  And it will remain useless until I can find my tape measure, which is the other factor in figuring how much fat I'm lugging around.  Click here for a link to the body fat calculator I always use.

I didn't start the day with a bang, instead I only made sure of a couple things.  First, I packed my lunch.  Now, it wasn't the healthiest food in the world, but it kept me from caving in to my Taco Bell cravings.  I also left my wallet at home...another surefire way I don't buy crap I don't need.  It's not easy when there are a million fast food choices at the airport within a five-minute walk.

Second, I packed my workout clothes into my backpack the night before.  The airport has a small, very well equipped gym, for a small yearly fee.  The only benefit to having a split shift is that I have two hours in the middle of my day to work out, shower, and eat.  That will change when my schedule changes next week, but I'll worry about that when next week rolls around.

I kept my goals for today very simple, yet they were huge in terms of changing bad habits and creating new ones.  I ran, jogged, plodded my way through about ten minutes on the treadmill, a little embarassed at how pathetic I must have looked.  I felt awkward, out of shape, and tired.  But I was there.  Then I did a couple leg machines and called it a day.  Again, not a great workout by any means, but I was there.

As soon as I'm off the computer I'll be packing my lunch and workout clothes.  I have very little time in the morning to do much, so if I don't get it done tonight, it won't get done at all.  I know myself well enough to know that I'll  bail on myself in the morning if I'm not already prepared.  Note to self:  change that about self.

So far so good, one day down...a lifetime to go.  *deep breaths*

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