Monday, October 5, 2009

File under *do-over*

I had every intention of making today another great day of eating decent and working out.  Lunch was packed, clothes ready to go, mindset...set.  Then it hit me:  PIZZA PARTY.  Ohhhhh CRAP!  Besides Taco Bell, pizza is my next favorite food that I could live on forever.  It was the last day our team would all be together at work, so we celebrated with a few giant, delicious pizzas.

I can't stop at just one piece of pizza, especially when it is so damn good!  So I inhaled three and a half giant pieces, and a cup of soda.  Three and a half!!  Had I not been in uniform, my pants would have been unbuttoned, the zipper down, my belly resembling eight months pregnant.

At that point, going to the gym had been deleted from my list of things to do.  For whatever reason, it popped right back up to the top and I grabbed my bag and headed down to the gym.  I hate it when that happens, when my conscience has an adrenaline surge and makes me do things I don't want to do.  Regardless, I was going to do my best on an overly-full gut.

Stupid conscience.  That was the worst decision ever!  I tried to do interval sprints, and about ten minutes in I felt like I was going to vomit all over the treadmill.  My body was suggesting that I STOP RUNNING.  I couldn't hit that stop button fast enough.  I learned my lessons:  1. No running on a loaded stomach  2. Either stop at one piece of pizza or don't eat any at all!

That pizza stayed with me until 9:00 tonight.  Yep...I was not hungry again for eight more hours.  How's that for getting healthy?  Tomorrow is a day off and if I can pull myself together, I will work out in the gym here at the apartment complex.  No excuses, and no pizza!

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Unfortunate Actress said...

Kim, I'm so with you. Today I had full intentions to stick to my diet, and was doing quite excellently and feeling slim already because of it. Then I went home and George had made dinner for me (full of things not on my diet), and he topped it off with ice-cream. *sigh*