Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falling asleep

Tired:  exhausted, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy. 

That's what I was yesterday... I was TIRED.  Had a hard time waking up and figured I'd get a glimpse of energy after I headed off to work.  Nope.  Dragged-ASS all day long!  I was so fatigued, I actually thought about asking if I could go in the back to take a power nap.  During work.

On the bus ride to my car after work, I fell asleep.  While I was sitting in my car waiting to meet Dave and the kids, I fell asleep.  When the kids and I got home I sat upright on the couch, trying to stay awake while the kids ate their snacks and got ready for bed.  I fell asleep sitting up.  When we sang our song during snuggle time, I hardly had the energy to form the words.  As soon as we all got quiet, I fell asleep.

I had set my phone alarm to tell me when to put the kids to bed.  I tucked them in, went back into my room without turning out the living room lamp, and fell onto the bed.  I tried to text Josh a "goodnite" but I couldn't spell out the words.  I was a goner.

This morning I got up and took the kids to school and as soon as I got home I was back in bed, comatose within minutes.  Two and a half hours later the ringing of my phone woke me up.  Who knows how much longer I would have slept had he not called...

Anyhoo, there is a reason for all the sleepiness!  On Saturday morning I woke up at 3:00 am to be at an overtime shift from 5:00-10:00 am.  Then I did my regular shift of 10:30-7:00 pm.  After that I went to a friend's place and had some drinks.  Didn't get much sleep that night either.  Sunday night was better, but still short on sleep.  So by Monday (yesterday), I was toast.

GAWD I'm getting OLD!

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