Thursday, March 25, 2010

Human touch

Tonight as I lay with the kids for our before-bed snuggle routine, I held each of them close as I always do - one under each arm, nuzzly and kissable.  I've always known how powerful the human touch is, but for whatever reason tonight it was more palpable than usual. 

It's amazing how relaxed I felt when we connected, when those connections created a physical warmth that was  The stress of my day evaporated into the stillness of the night, leaving the most surreal calm that could sell for millions if I could capture it in a bottle.

It's almost painful to let them go so they can relax in their own beds after snuggle time is up.  While I would love to hold them for ever and ever and ever, it's important that we each have our own space in order to wake up feeling even a little rested. 

Ni nite babies... I sure love you.



Unknown said...

What a sweet blog post. Your children are so fortunate that they have a mother that understands such an importance. :)

Anonymous said...

Its called the mother child connection. No one else feels it but a mother. There is no other feeling like it. Grandma