Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today was a rough day at work - it was very busy, hectic, and crazy all bundled into thousands of passengers making their way out of our city. After I picked up the kids, who had been with their dad all weekend, we all compared sob stories about how tired we were.

Once we got home I hustled the kids into their jammies with the promise of snuggle time in my bed before tucking them into their own. This particular snuggle time is our little slice of heaven...

With me in the middle, my arms wrapped around my Bubba on the left (always), and my Baby Girl on the right (always), we hold each other and settle into each other's warmth. The stress of my day disappears, the stress of their day vanishes, and we share silly giggles. Our faces close to one another, there is tenderness with our smiles and smooches, nuzzles and butterfly kisses.

Before long I feel my girl's body twitch and become heavy as I listen to her breathing become shallow and hesitant at times...I wonder what she's dreaming about. Then the boy to my left becomes limp as well, his breathing becoming steady and rhythmic. He is in his sleepy zone.

I steal as many kisses and nuzzles as I can before I drift off as well, peace surrounding us like a warm blankie. In our rest we find comfort, in our embrace we find safety. After about thirty minutes I wake up and carry my boy to his room, and he clumsily steps up the ladder and plops into his bed on top of the covers. He's out so quickly there's no time for any good nights or I love yous.

Amanda walks to her bed and pours herself into the space she calls her own. Dora Blankie first, then the sheet, then the comforter. Sleepy hugs and kisses followed by I love yous, several of them in case I didn't catch one or two. She is out in a minute as well.

I'm grateful I have my kids to help me recover from my day. Now it's my turn to snuggle in and escape to dreamland for a spell. :)

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