Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy day

Another crazy busy day at the airport! I push myself as much as I can while I'm at work when it's crazy busy, mostly because the crazy busy energy calls for it. Bag check, female assist, bag check, LEAD!!, bag check... on and on and on for eight hours across a large checkpoint. Eventually my body starts to shut down, just *poof* out of nowhere, usually about half an hour before we close up shop. It hurts to blink let alone keep up the pace of the crazy.

When passengers complain that they're weary from the long wait in line I dream of punching them in the nose. And I get especially irritated when they huff and snort because we're shutting down a lane so we can take a break. Oh the NERVE to shut down a lane when there are people standing in line waiting... GASP!!

Maybe they would have a teeny bit more compassion if they saw us after getting on the bus at the end of the day. In the darkness eyes are closed, bodies are aching, no one is saying a word. We are spent beyond words - stress on our minds and on our bodies takes an insurmountable toll on each and every one of us. Tonight as I got up to leave I looked back and curled up on the very back row of seats was a TSO, an old man who works his butt off right along with the rest of us. I hope he woke in time to get off at his stop.

Today is my Friday and I couldn't be happier. It's been one helluva week and I need my days off more than ever.

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