Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shift bid

Every six months we bid for our shifts at work. Since I'm a fairly new lead, my seniority is near rock bottom which means that I get crap that's left over. In my two years of working at the airport, I've been fortunate enough to get every shift that I have needed (hours and days off). Today, however, turned out to be different.

I was one of the lucky winners of the 0730-1800 split shift (0730-1200, 1430-1800). In case you didn't catch it, that sentence was filled with sarcasm because that shift fucking SUCKS. Who in their right mind wants to spend 10.5 hours at the airport and only get paid for eight? NOT. ME.

I saw a few people from the shift I'm on now (today is my day off) and I had some bitch sessions with them about how stupid this is and how much it sucks that I didn't get the hours I needed (single parenthood of two young children restricts hours one can work!!). Now I have to submit a hardship packet that will not guarantee me the shift I need anyway!

Soooooo here is where my emotions and mind are right now: I have a million possible reasons as to why I didn't get the shift I needed. Instead of mulling over the what-ifs, I know that there is a reason it happened. The Universe has something planned for me and I'm excited to find out what it is. It might have nothing to do with the airport, it might be a new job, it might be winning the Powerball jackpot. See? So many what-ifs!!

I'm not focused on when it will come to me, or how, or if, or why... all I know is I am excited about the possibilities of what the future holds.



KW said...

Hey Kim,

That really sucks. I'm sitting here feeling bad for you, and I wished I was flying through Denver on Friday on my way to Phoenix to drop off a pick-me-up...

Instead, we are going to select another random TSA employee, but first tell me what what a random traveling stranger might do to make your day?

Here's your chance.


The Accidental Somebody said...


I always truly appreciate when someone says "Thank you for what you do." Those comments are extremely few and far between, especially compared to the negativity that is bestowed upon us constantly.

If the TSA people you deal with do a good job, tell them. And thank you for being so kind Kiessa!!

Kim :)