Monday, April 12, 2010

Long week

Hoo boy, I have one day left until I'm done with my work week. My days off are changing to Wed/Thurs, so I have to pull an extra one outta my butt tomorrow. I'll do my best, although I'm not sure how much energy I have left in me. If I'm a little cantankerous forgive me, as by the end of a normal week I'm completely ragged and drained. This one extra day might put me over the edge. I'm just sayin'...

I did manage to squeeze in a quick strength training workout after I dropped the kids off at school this morning. I wasn't in there very long, but I can definitely feel the effects, so I must have done something right.

Tonight's snuggle time was full of some of the best belly laughter around, which in turn happens to be the best medicine money will never be able to buy. What a great way to completely turn a person's mood around!

With that I'll end my post for today. Not a lot of excitement or hoopla, just a day.

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