Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ni Nite

Bubba couldn't fall asleep earlier and came to me in the living room, trying hard to hold back tears of frustration. I had him collect his blankie and we sat together in the glow of the TV, watching an amazing show about deep sea creatures. He intercepted with terms like "sunlight zone," "twilight zone," "midnight zone," and "the abyss," all layers of the ocean that he learned in school. He whispered " I love you Mama," and my heart skipped a beat.  I adore unsolicited I love yous.

With my bedroom window open just a crack and the cool breeze gently rolling in to ease me into sleep, I now mentally prepare for the end of my weekend. It was a good weekend, many things accomplished. Amanda's petri dishes are concocted and ready to begin growing the bacteria of chicken juice for her science fair project. Bathrooms are clean. Mom is happy. Children are happy. Tonight life is good.

I must bask in it, revel in it... Life is Good.

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Unknown said...

Very peaceful post. I, too, love unsolicited "I love you's." Glad you had a good weekend. :)