Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snowy day pics

A couple of weeks ago Mother Nature dumped a crapload of the wettest, heaviest, bestest snowman-makin' snow I have ever seen. By the time we woke up the morning after the sky evacuated its insides, it was a stunningly beautiful warm day. Next to our apartment is a large grassy area, whose blanket of snow lay undisturbed, just waiting for us to come tear it up.

First things first, Amanda posed in her fashionable winter ensemble. Love her choices of colors - so vibrant and striking against the white landscape!

He-Man claimed his stake at the top of the mountain. I'd be scared if he actually had the teeth he's trying to bare...

Woo hoo!

As soon as they hit the open area, they just ran like the dickens.

Brandon didn't feel like helping out with the snowmen because he felt like walking around in the snow. He was happy as could be just walking. And looking at the snow. And walking. I bet if I was able to peek inside that creative little noggin of his I'd find that he's not just walking around in the snow, but he's actually a grotesquely large monster making humongous footprints, demolishing tiny villages that thrive beneath the flakes...

Amanda and I feverishly worked on the snow people, as it was so warm outside the snow was almost becoming too wet.

That's me!

It was so bright out with the sunshine reflecting off all the whiteness that even sunglasses didn't keep out all the glare.

What a cute little snow family we made! Within a couple of days we had all melted, hopefully filling the ground with extra love and nourishment so that when it's ready to green-up, it will be the most vibrant patch of green around.

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