Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting stronger

Last Thursday was the day I started my training, and already I'm seeing daily improvements. The first day I could hardly run a mile - my legs hurt, my lungs hurt, and I struggled the entire time. Each day I was able to increase about half a mile, and today I ran a very strong (well, strong for me) three miles.

My time wasn't good at all, but instead of feeling like I was running with tree stumps for legs through a swamp, I felt like a gazelle running from a predator. Part of me was proud that I was effortlessly bounding from one foot to the other, and part of me feared that I would die.

Rest easy, I lived. Barely. I got a little overheated, and when I finished my face was purple and I was dripping sweat from my hair. GROSS. I did a little stretching, some shoulder work, and headed out to get the kids from school...pretty darn proud of myself! I've only missed one day since Thursday!


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