Monday, May 10, 2010

Pain pain go away

A couple weeks ago my elbow joints began aching.  What started as an annoying soreness has turned into pain, mostly in my right arm.  Tonight my right limb is in pain from the last two knuckles, down the outside of my hand, through my elbow and up into my arm.  It's aggravated enough that I'm wondering if I'm going to get any sleep tonight.  Compound that with sore, swollen tonsils and boys and girls you have a damn good time on your hands.

Thursday I went to see the doc where I mentioned my elbow issue, but more importantly I wanted to know why I was so tired.  After getting good solid sleep on my nights off, I was finding myself falling asleep whenever my body was still which was most of the time because I was too fatigued to move.  The apartment is still in shambles because I haven't had the stamina to do more than sit on my ass when I'm not working. 

They drew blood so now I'm waiting to see if there are any answers as to why my body is putting me through the wringer.  I didn't realize that turning 35 really meant "get out the duct tape and super glue 'cause you're gonna fall apart."


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