Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's THAT?

That's the response I get when I say that I've been tested for Epstein Barr virus, and lucky me, I have it.  For those of you who share the same WTF?? reaction, basically it's chronic mono.  Oh YAY.

Who knows how many times I've suffered bouts of this, but thinking back it gives me an explanation as to why I am so debilitatingly (is that even a word?) tired at times, why I have had numerous throat infections, and several other recurring symptoms that are related to the virus.  It's probably been coming and going for several years and I've only now been tested for it.

Unfortunately because it's a virus, no antibiotics will help unless they are being used to treat a throat infection.  Doctor's orders are to rest and take vitamins, which is lots of fun to do while I'm working.  If only I could get paid to nap!!

As for the pain in my arm/elbows, my doc thinks it might be an inflamed nerve, so I'm on a stout anti-inflammatory medication to see if that will help solve my pain issue.  If it doesn't we'll have to try another route which he says isn't pleasant (something to do with testing the nerves with needles, like acupuncture only much worse).  FUN!

So technically I'm not falling apart, my body is just having a big "Let's Screw with Kim" party.  Bleh...

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