Monday, September 27, 2010

First day

I have just returned from taking the kids to their first day at their new school, and already the effects of living in the small town are being felt.  What was once a stressful twenty-minute commute in rush hour traffic is now a five-minute walk down the street.  They will be walking home for lunch today, and what a relief because Brandon will be having P.E. this afternoon and needs his tennies.  Amanda's class is heading to the swimming pool for P.E. three days this week, and is going on an all-day field trip on Thursday.  AWE.SOME.

The kids have enjoyed climbing Granny's apple tree, riding their bikes to and around the school, playing with old toys that I had as a kid, and having a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen owned by the parents of one of my childhood friends.  I enjoy telling the kids of experiences from my own childhood, like when I used to spend the night at Jenny's house we would go down to the "store" and I would get to make my own Blizzard.  Doesn't get much cooler than that, although  I'm sure they're already sick of hearing about it all.

I think it will take me longer to transition into life here because I have such a long history with this small town.  I was a different person for the 22 years that I lived here and it's fun to come back as a grown woman with children.  I still have the mindset that we are only visiting, living out of boxes instead of suitcases.  Today that will change a little as I unpack those boxes and put things into drawers and onto hangers.  

I'm excited for lunch time to roll around so I can talk to the kids and see how things are going so far.  I'm happy I get to be here for them instead of a babysitter, and that for the next two weeks I can devote myself to helping them with this transition before beginning work again.  I think they will be just fine...

Life is good.  :)

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