Sunday, September 26, 2010

Westward ho

 After a grueling day of loading the truck the Clampetts were ready to roll...what a long-ass day we had ahead of us!

Nothing better than truckstop hotdogs!

 Stretching our legs in Casper, the kids were a little miffed I wouldn't let them play in a grassy area way the hell away from where we were, right next to busy traffic.  Nu uh.

 Only in Wyoming would you see a stoplight on a highway in the middle of nowhere.

 The early evening sun was absolutely gorgeous as we made our way out of Thermopolis, with about an hour and a half left of what ended up being a 10-hour day.

Up and at 'em this morning, ready to unload all our crap.  Thanks to the Hot Cop* we got it all out in good time.

*Hot Cop is how my little brother is known around town.  This is how he will be referred to from here on out.  :) 


Carol Wolf said...

Wahoo!! You made it!! Here's to a new chapter in all of your lives!

Ashley said...

Not to be the creepy older lady, but he is a hot cop. Glad you made it. The kids look exhuasted. Get some rest.

The Accidental Somebody said...

Ashley you crack me up! Yes, he is one good lookin' kid and it will be nice to have him on my side. ;)