Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was family day at Dave's outpatient group class, and because I care about his recovery I went along with him. I had an opportunity to share my own side of *our* story, and hear tidbits from others who are in various stages of their own recovery. I immediately felt comfortable around these people, as I knew they all had their own tumultuous experiences with addiction and they were all there to get better. I even learned a little about myself while I was there...BONUS.

I am happy that Dave has become part of such a cohesive group of people who will forever cheer him on in his own recovery, and who are not afraid to share their vulnerabilities with him so that he can always know he isn't the only one going through such struggles. He is working hard, making progress, and celebrating 20 days of sobriety. Let's hope for 20 more days, 20 more weeks, 20 more years.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Grandma and Mom

Unknown said...

Congratulations to him! You are a wonderful person to help him through his recovery! :)