Thursday, October 7, 2010

No need

This bike rack has been on the back of my car for a couple of years.  Many times I schlepped bikes to open spaces in Denver (there's a sign of a big city if I've ever seen one - places where they have to set aside land to be just... land) so that the kids and I didn't have to risk death by traffic. 

I also found it very handy to help me locate my car wherever I parked because anywhere you park in Denver, you park with ten thousand other cars.  Before I put the bike rack on I would wander the parking lot rows endlessly, because I am completely inept at remembering such minor details.

Now that I'm a hick living in the middle of nowhere, I have realized I don't need the rack.  When we want to ride our bikes we open up the garage and go...wherever.  This is the land of endless open space!  And finding my car in a parking lot is EASY since I'm now one of the few vehicles that isn't a truck with a dog or two hanging out in its bed.

Just one of those unexpected idiosyncrasies in this fun little town... bike racks not needed.


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Unknown said...

Cody is such a biker friendly town. I am so jealous of that. Casper is wonderful, but it doesn't have that. Enjoy! :)