Sunday, February 13, 2011

C'est l'amour

I have always loved the movie, The Sound of Music, and have vivid memories of watching it on TV many times as a child, making sure to watch both nights because it was so dang long they had to separate it into two parts.  I've had the DVD for several years and finally pulled it out last night to watch with the kids (well, Amanda watched but Brandon paid pretty good attention while he played his video games). 

They were familiar with a few of the songs but had never seen the movie, and our time spent watching was peppered with comments and questions such as, "What's a fräulein?" "Fräulein is such a long word and it isn't very pretty" "Why aren't the nuns going to the wedding?" "She's going to go back and marry him..."  I did my best to not sing along, but it wasn't easy.  And Julie Andrews...oh that voice!

Anyway, I have always loved the love story in the movie, how Maria went to help the family as a duty for God, bravely going out into a world that was strange to her but doing it with chutzpa anyway.  And the Captain, ohhhh Captain von Trapp..such a drop dead gorgeous man, desperately lonely for happiness and joy in his life.  Then the two of them meet in the courtyard after he ends it with that wretched woman, The Baroness.  As IF!  He would have been ruined with that woman, and Maria would have made a terrible nun!

But I digress...that scene in the courtyard before they start singing like a couple of weirdos (but weirdos who were in loooove!), when they start talking about loving each other and when they felt it for the first time, he when she sat on the pine cone and her when he blew that whistle...oh it made my heart do flips.  I miss that feeling, the reaching into the deepest, most vulnerable parts of your soul and sharing it with another and allowing him to do the same.  The realization that it's right, and it's real, and it's powerful and all-consuming.  Then they kissed...the lonely widower and the horny nun...and it was so beautiful. 

I'm being silly with my words, yes, but really I do miss that feeling of the newness of love, of a first kiss with someone you are intrinsically and whole-heartedly connected to, and that movie, however dorky it may have been with the singing and what-not, is just a great love story put to beautiful music.  Now I need to go back and watch it again alone, without commentary from the kids, and without all the "Groosssss, why do they have to have all the kissing?!" and enjoy the passion and lovey-doveyness all to myself. 


Roxy said...

I've never seen it. I must look for it and watch it. I am all for dorky, silly, love stories.
I'm in such a shi*** mood... have been for over a week, I need something! Anything.
You know which film I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE? Something's gotta give. I can watch that film all the time. If fact I will do it tonight.

The Accidental Somebody said...

Roxy, it was made quite a while ago but is a loved movie here in America...I say watch it! And I LOVE Something's Gotta Give as well. :)