Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night Amanda performed in a school program which they had been practicing for weeks, a very cute musical about Lewis and Clark.  Not one to want the spotlight, she remained a member of the supporting choir and was excited to dress up as a Native American.  A few days ago I stopped by my mom's house to chit chat and I mentioned that we would be out and about looking for something simple to put together for a costume, and no sooner had I said that then Mom was digging in her sewing room getting some fabric she'd had laying around.  As she showed me the old sheet that needed a home, she giggled and grumbled about how much she disliked making costumes, but how well she excelled at doing so.  

After we had Amanda's approval for the fabric and Granny's ideas about how she would make her a dress, a very crude pattern was made and Granny was left to work her magic over the next couple of days.  Knowing the woman can sew (she graduated with a home economics degree!), I had no doubt that the finished product would be outstanding.  

As Amanda put it on shortly before we headed for the program, Granny was excitedly nervous about how it turned out, and whether or not Amanda would be happy with it.  It was so nice to see my mom, normally very self deprecative, beaming with excitement and pride, but fidgety with nervousness as well.  Amanda thanked her profusely and was honestly a little surprised at the bang-up job her Granny did.  For someone who doesn't enjoy putting together costumes, Mom certainly was one happy woman while she worked on the project.  If it makes her that happy, we'll be hittin' her up more often for help with school, Halloween, playtime, whatever!

Before the program began, Amanda was fried with nervousness.  Rehearsals hadn't gone very well and she had never performed on a stage like that in front of SO many people. I loved watching her feel so many emotions - excitement, fear, nervousness, then afterward, pride, more excitement, exhaustion, and over all happiness.  This is what parenting is all about, watching your kids find their way through those times when they aren't in their comfort zones, and seeing them on the other side, stronger for it. 

 Granny and Uncle John, still on crutches, who hobbled his way down to the auditorium to support Amanda, just as he did to support Brandon a couple months before.

Extra special thanks to my mom for making such a great costume!

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