Sunday, March 6, 2011


I went home on my split this morning and cleaned the kitchen.  As much as my bed and snuggly kids would have been the most excellent choice, our home needed a little tlc so I kept busy.  The kitchen was a disaster, and cleaning it felt good.  After feeding the kids Amanda and I sat on the couch and snuggled for the few minutes I had remaining before returning to work.  She was so cuddly and warm, her mussy hair in my nose as I held her tight. 

My head bobbed and weaved, my body and mind collapsed immediately upon sitting with my girl.  Such comfort, such relaxation, so warm.  Waking at 3:15 in the morning takes its toll and I try so hard to fight the sleep but it wins all too often.  I had to peel myself from her to get ready to head back into work - I would rather have a root canal than leave such a good happy place.  But I have to.  And it sucks.

Just a few more minutes until work is finished for the day, then I will fight the snowy roads, get home, feed the kids, then surely collapse onto the couch, grabbing whomever is closest into a sleepy bear hug.  If he or she is lucky I'll fall asleep, relax, and let go when they will be free. 

They are patient with my tiredness and know that a nap is nature's best medicine.  It cures cranky, it eases stress, it nourishes the soul, it wakes the mind.  And if I'm really super duper extra lucky, one of them will fall asleep too, sharing my cocoon of warm and happy........

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