Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week one

Today marks the first day of my second week of P90X and already I'm seeing results, however they haven't come without a price.  I'm sure a lot of what I'm seeing is bloat-be-gone, as I've gulped more water in the last week than I usually do in a few months, but I've also gained some strength wherein I can do a few more push-ups (but still on my knees) than last week.  Baby steps!

The workouts are grueling and I've been careful to not over-do the first week of the strength training, with one exception - legs.  Legs are usually my most favorite body part to train because they feel the strongest and I feel least wimpy when I work them, so I tend to overwork them which is what I did on Saturday.  Boy did I pay for that slight change of pace.  I worked my legs to complete muscle failure before reaching the halfway point of the workout,  rendering myself nearly unable to walk the stairs (or walk at all) for the rest of the night.  

The next day the searing pain that ran from the top of my butt cheeks all the way down to the floor made me walk like I had been molested with a broomstick up the backdoor.  At work I had to give two ladies pat downs, and when I had to squat to get the bottoms of their legs I nearly screamed, and very much winced, in pain.  To say that I regretted the decision to go balls to the walls with my legs would be a serious understatement. 

To add insult to injury, on Sunday I got the shits and felt like shit, so I didn't do the kenpo (think Tae Bo).  Well, that and I couldn't move my legs without crying.  The next day (yesterday) I realized what had given me the runs when after I mixed milk with my protein powder, and immediately after drinking it, I got bad stomach cramps.  About twenty minutes before leaving work I spent some quality time in the rest room praying that nobody was hearing the massacre that was leaving my body and entering the toilet.  More shits.  Dammit, that meant no more deliciously milky strawberry protein shakes, and I would have to go back to mixing it with water instead.  It's ok, it's still a tasty drink that way anyway.

So today, still mildly drained from being, well, drained, I really didn't want to do my workout but knew I had to buck up and get it over with, which is exactly what I did.  This time I basically knew what to do so I put my ear buds into my ears and listened to my own music while Tony Horton showed me what to do on the screen in case I forgot.  It was much more motivating than having to listen to him and I worked hard enough I can feel the muscles in my back burning with fatigue.

My eating has been pretty good with the occasional treat thrown in here and there.  I try to not eat too much crap, but I gotta say that if I don't throw in a sweet now and then I go bonkers.  Healthy crap only goes so far, but knowing the ramifications of an all-out binge keep me from going too far and ruining all my progress.  So if you see me eating a little bowl of ice cream SHUT UP.  I know.

Based on the results on just one week, I'm excited about what I'm going to look and feel like after I complete the next eleven.  Let's hope I don't over-do it again - I do have some dignity to preserve.  :) 



Roxy said...

all I can say is...WOW.
Keep going, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

carol the grandma said...

Please remember the importance of stretching after each exercise if you didn't do that which you didn't say, stretches will help relieve the pain the next day. Just a helpful hint I learned at the wellness center when I worked out there. They said when you work muscle you tear them then help rebuild with protein which you said you drank good girl. I know stretching did help me before a workout and after just thought I would pass that along. I know it hurts like hell I sympathize with you. Carol the grandma

The Accidental Somebody said...

Carol, thank you for bringing that up - I do stretch always, especially on those days when I know I'm working extra hard. And I am taking in plenty of protein via shakes, lean meats, and eggs. So far so good!