Saturday, April 9, 2011


I try to be a forgiving person, I really do.  I try to ignore the little things, which of course only makes them big things, such as the person sitting across the table from me.  There are three of us here in the break room at work and it's silent, save for my fingers annoyingly awesomely clicking away at my computer, and Darth Vader sitting across from me.  The individual is silent in his reading, but scary in his loud breathing, and I fear he will all of a sudden strangle me with his mind.  The force is not strong with me...I'd be an easy mark. 

Yesterday we went to see the movie Arthur, and sitting behind us was an old couple who kept loudly commenting on how much they hated the remake, how ugly Russell Brand was to look at, how stupid it was, on and on and on AND ON.  I ignored their commentary (read: I quietly pissed and moaned to Amanda) but what I should have done (and regret not doing) was to politely ask them to refrain from talking so loudly and ruining the fucking movie, then maybe accidentally trip over the old man's oxygen machine, inadvertently flipping the switch to off.  At least then he would have been silent, right?  Of course I would never do that... 

I somehow can't bring myself to tell people to shut it when it needs to be said.   Heavy breather aside (he can't help it and I could leave), people who do things like ruin movies and don't walk out when they don't like them, should be told to shut up.  So why can't I do it?  Instead I sit and stew, thereby ruining the movie for myself (and my poor kids).  So then what annoys me the most is myself, really. 

Ok, so a promise to myself (and my poor kids):  I promise I will tell people to shut it when it needs to be said.  Yes, I'll be polite and no, I won't be unplugging anyone's oxygen unless he puts up a fight.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

So how was the movie? Thinking of going to see it Sunday.

The Accidental Somebody said...

We loved it! Big Russell Brand fans here.

Roxy said...

I completely understand you. I get like that too in various situations. It's the fear of confrontation that holds us back, the fear that you don't know what the reaction will be, the fear of humiliation. But I think that when you do speak up, the other side will be so stunned most of the time, that they won't say a word. And even if they talk back, what's the worst they could say? Especially when you are polite about it.
I once went to a cinema solo and there was a bunch of kids. Talking would be polite of them. THey were jumping on the chairs, talking on the phones, laughing etc. I got so pissed off I stood up and yelled at them. Actually yelled at them - they shut up. And i know I was speaking for everyone in that room, but noone had the courage. I just lost it :)
It felt really good.
Don't keep it in Kim, let it go... maybe don't yell, but the situation called for it in this case.
Be calm and assertive :)

Linda Medrano said...

It's hard to tell somebody to be quiet, but we really should do it in situations like that. They were probably talking loud because they're hard of hearing. Still, no excuse for ruining it for everyone else. I love Russell Brand too. I think he's adorable and I think he'd make a great Arthur.

The Accidental Somebody said...

Good for you Roxy! Kids acting like that need to be yelled at. :) And yes Linda, I'm sure they were hard of hearing which is probably why it made it harder for me to say something - I didn't want to seem a jerk to the elderly. I will say something for sure next time, and do my best to play nice.

Kim :)