Monday, July 25, 2011


I get to pick up Frick and Frack tomorrow...did you hear that?  I GET TO PICK UP FRICK AND FRACK TOMORROW!  GAH I'm a little excited!

I was stressed going into this two-week vacation from the kids (or maybe their two-week vacay from me would be more appropriate), as the last time they spent two weeks with their dad I was a complete wreck.  A week in I nearly found myself committed to an asylum, dissolving into tears at the sight of their empty, lonely bedrooms, mourning the days of motherhood like they had been ripped from my soul.  *retch*  I was PATHETIC. 

It was over Christmas break, and whenever anyone would ask how my holidays were going, I would despondently reply, "It's the worst Christmas EVER.  My kids are gone... they're GONE don't you understand???  It's been lonely.  Terrible.  Horrible...and a merry fucking Christmas to you too, you fleabag whore."  Or something like that.

On the way to Casper (the halfway point between Denver and here), I lost all communication with Dave's cell and by the time I reached the meeting spot and they weren't there, I was sure they had plummeted to their deaths off the side of the icy roads somewhere along Wyoming's desolate stretch of I25.  Within minutes I had Hot Cop (read: my little cop brother) calling the Wyoming and Colorado Highway Patrols to see if there were any accidents, and I was sobbing so hard snot trails streamed from my nose down to my shirt.  I'm dead serious.  Did I mention I was pathetic?

Turned out Dave's new cell phone, the one he got over Christmas, didn't have a signal along that desolate stretch of I25, and there had been an accident not long before they got to Casper.  Only they weren't the accident but they saw it happen and stopped to help.  To all you douche bags who are rolling your eyes and tsk-ing at my severe overreaction, yes...I felt incredibly stupid when they showed up shortly after my near-fatal panic attack.

SO.  Here I am now, properly medicated for my depression, out of my scary wintry blues, enjoying my days of solitude with trips to the movie theater, a visit from Josh, and a lot of being as lazy as I possibly can.  And drinking.  That was fun too.

Tomorrow after my three hours of work I'll get the hell outta Dodge and scream my way to Casper, napping along the way like I always do so I get there in one piece.  If they show up late not only will my shirt be snot-free, but I will await their arrival with excited anticipation.

Onward and upward...


Linda Medrano said...

It's so hard to not worry when you miss your kids. But they'll be fine! Mine went to Europe with their Dad and his new wife and also to Japan and China when they were young. They did come back with sunburns, but that was the worst of it. Relax!

The Accidental Somebody said...

Linda this time around was a 180 from last time. I did miss them, but it was no sweat. I knew they were having a great time and I enjoyed my time alone - a much better experience!