Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Me to kids:  Do you guys want me to walk you to your classrooms this morning since it's your first day of school?

A:  *giggle* Nahhhhh.  I know where my classroom is.

K:  Brandon?  How bout you? 

B:   I'm good.

K to self:  Ohhhhhh shit, even Brandon doesn't want me to walk him into the school.  Could it be that I didn't shower last night after an extremely hot sweaty day clothes shopping with the kids?  Could it be that I look like shit?  Do I really smell that bad?  I've put on a hat, they can't even SEE my nasty unwashed messy hair.  I'm not even in my pajamas...I put on a pair of running pants.  Even clean ones.  No no no that can't be it.  Amanda's just at that age, she's too cool for me now.  And Brandon, well he is trying to be a big boy.  Yeah...that's gotta be it.  Keep it together woman...

The black eyeliner and the underwear-showing pants (I've just realized I don't need to be gender-specific here) are just around the corner. 


I'm doomed.


Unknown said...

"all I need is a short break...alittle time to 'nappy'....these kids never stop running, never stop talking, never stop eating! I.Just.Need.A.Break....wait, What?!!! What do you mean you don't need me?! Come back...."

It happens so quickly.....


The Accidental Somebody said...

You nailed it. :(

Linda Medrano said...

Let the kids go without you. They don't want to act like babies! I'm sure you looked stunning even with your black eyeliner and the thong showing under your running pants. Nobody would ever have notice the hair under the hat.

The Accidental Somebody said...

Oh Linda don't worry, they went alone, but I did at least walk them to the end of the fence. Then they RAN. :)

my day in a sentence said...

Ugh. I can't say I know how you feel, I'm too young to have kids. But I do kinda get where you're at.
After all that time of being needed, you suddenly become... Unnecessary?
But try to occupy yourself. I'm sure there's things you had to put on hold 'cause of the kids. Rediscover that. :)
And I really like your blog; following and supporting! :)

The Accidental Somebody said...

Day in a Sentence...unnecessary is a good word! That is, until they need something. :) It's all good though, just a part of growing up. Bittersweet!

Carol the grandma said...

Now is a good time to get out the pencil, chalk and paper. No excuses now get to it, am looking forward to the next drawing! we are all waiting!