Friday, September 30, 2011

Breaking and entering

I might have to check the Enterprise next Wednesday for a call that may or may not have said

Person called to report strange lady walked into her house, turned around, and walked back out and drove away.

Ugh.  Let me explain.

During this time my mom has been away I've also been feeding someone's cats for her (I have never met this woman, have no idea who she is).  Mom does this on the side for a few bucks and needed me to finish up with this client while she's away.  No problem, feed kitties food and water.  Easy peasy.  Enter code into lock, open door, do business, leave.  Cool.

Tuesday.  They would be back Tuesday.  That's what I remember mom saying.  Today's Friday, must feed cats.

This morning I pulled up into the cat people's driveway, went to the front door and entered the code, and in I went.  As I headed toward the kitchen, something to the right caught my eye.  There was a pile of bags that wasn't there before. 

Huh, someone's been here, all that stuff was nev-



I immediately turned around to leave, spotting a large black rolling bag as I exited.  Yup.  They were home, maybe inside the house, and I just waltzed in and they don't know me from Kermit the Frog.

I quietly hurried outside, shut the door, pushed the button to lock it, and quickly drove away before anyone could come running out with a shotgun.

*sigh*  Two professions I will never pursue as a result of this past week:  veterinarian and criminal.  I can't tell the difference between dog shit and a dog's balls and walking into a stranger's house when I'm not supposed to be there just gives me anxiety.

So for now I'll just stick with what I do best:  blogging about stupid shit I do.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

LOL! That must have been embarrassing! Good thing you got away before anything happened.

neatfit said...

Haha, hilarious day. Definitely must have been adrenalin inducing. It's good to have these moments, atleast once a week :) Looks like you can achieve that.

Unknown said...

Well, I love the "stupid shit" you do, Kim!

And in pursuit of broadcasting you to the world I nominated you on my latest post for "7 Links". If you dont have time, no sweat, you got a link out of it :-)