Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello, insomnia

Right as I was finishing up this post this morning my internet took a crap, so my posting/writing timing is off, just so you know.

Carry on...


For someone who has to be up and at 'em in about four hours, you'd think I would be out, devouring every last second of sleep my body could muster.

Instead, my body and brain say fuck that shit, bitch is stayin' UP.

So body cracked open the laptop and just devoured the last 3/4 of Amanda's bag of chips, wiping the grease on its jammies 'cause it's just that lazy.  Brain is coming up with excuses to tell Amanda why body just ate said bag of chips.

Could get ugly.

Since I am as awake as I've ever been, I'm posting to give both body and mind something to do.  Be prepared for greatness...

Ahahahaha yeah I couldn't keep a straight face either!

No really, let's keep it easy.

I don't want to hurt myself before meeting up with the shrink later on this morning. 


Sometimes people inadvertently find their way to my blog with words they put into Google.  I don't think many of them return, but it's still funny that they stop by anyway.

Here are a bunch of entries:

accidental boobies out
one stick joystick
how to push your tongue down so you can see in your throat
missing chicklet (that one links way back to one of my first posts!)
girl in my bed
i love long toes (image search)
accidental boobies (this phrase was used many times)
tongue depressor ahhhhhhhhh
accidental school girl upskirt
small town mentality definition
prom queen sash 1988
food stuck in tonsils pocket
be with me on hot bed
girls in my bed
how did the inside of cabins look in the 1800s
advertising small town mentality - we give a shit
difference between breaking and entering and just entering
the accidental humping
vampire bite to the forehead
drawing long toes (image search)
accidental pics
long toes "size 10"
Twinkle t (another one linking to one of my early early posts)
king soopers agar
boobies accidental
I love long toes (image search)
where did the phrase, "I'm going to hop in the shower" come from
cat peed herself and smells
decaying furniture
atari joystick profile
i am scared of internet
boobies mormon (Ahahaha)
airport shift bidding
gigolo husband's birthday surprise videos
kid wearing a tie for school (image search)
TSA shift bid hardship
tom brokaw wearing ladies undies (image search)
review of marie callender's FROZEN BANANA CREAM PIE
accidental asscracks
"breast reduction" "grew so" (??)
"her feet were too big"

Ok ok ok I'll stop - there were so many more than I realized!

After looking at all of these search phrases I've come to a conclusion:  1) People come across my blog who are looking for inadvertent softcore boobie porn.  Nice.  2) People who come across my blog have a thing for long toes.  3)  I have some of the most boring fucking posts on the whole interweb.

But alas...

For those of you who have blogs, what phrases lead searchers to you?

Do share!


Roxy said...

hey, dunno how you know these search words, but at least you've got traffic, that counts right?
Why were you awake?
Stressing out before the psycho date?

The Accidental Somebody said...

Roxy I use statcounter.com to track my stats...you should check it out! There's a place where it says what is put into Google.

I think I just got too much sleep the night before - I wasn't feeling well and slept a ton, was just wide awake!

Psycho date went really well! Turns out I'm sane after all. :(

B said...

I personally don't find that you suck at all. You're actually pretty funny. But that's just me talking.


Steve Bailey said...

Hey.... where's all the boobie pictures on this site? Man!!!! What a letdown.... logging out.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I get a lot of people find me looking for naughty moms and chunky moms are hot

The Accidental Somebody said...

McGillicutty thank you! Steve, this is a family blog...fuck off! ;) And Not a Perfect Mom...I think people are on crack half the time they are googling.

Diana Lesjak said...

Glad to hear Psych went well! You are way to clever to be nuts!