Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playdate with the good doc

After a harrowing drive to Billings (the first hour was spent in a blinding snowstorm at 4:30 in the morning), I arrived only ten minutes late to my playdate with Dr. Psycho.

So glad my car was on auto-pilot because I had no idea where the highway was.  Thank gawd for rumble strips - every time I ran over one I knew I was too far to the right!

Damn snowstorm scared the shit out of me!

The receptionist at the doctor's office was obviously irritated I was late.

Fuck her, I was busy squeezing the shit out of my steering wheel, praying I didn't die a frozen snowy death.

Did you call your insurance company to see if this would need to be pre-authorized?

Ummmm no, my insurance company requested that I have this stupid fucking visit in the first place, so why would I need to call them to ask if I have to pre-authorize?

Well you never know... *tsk*  *heavy sigh*  I'll just have to call them myself, so we won't know anything until I do that.

Well you just do that then you annoying receptionist lady.  Have another donut you might feel better, but make sure you first ask yourself  if you will allow yourself to eat it 'cause you never know...*tsk*

Man, I wish I had the balls to be snarky with annoying people for reals.

The good doc and I shot the shit for about an hour and it was a lovely chat.  It was like talking to an old friend!  Afterward I took a 500 question true/false test to assess my personality.

Do you get angry quickly?  T/F

Do you hear voices that aren't real?  T/F

Have you ever wanted to be a mechanic?  T/F

Have you ever had the urge to strangle annoying receptionists?  T/F

Annoying receptionist lady was  amazed I completed it so quickly - she had never seen anyone go so fast before, because I guess it takes normal people five minutes to decide if they have ever felt like becoming a mechanic.

While the doc didn't give me any official statements on his assessment, I'm pretty sure I'm not a nut job.  Or at least I convinced him well enough anyway.

I guess that means I get to have my thingy put in to help with my pain.  I'll tell you what, if something doesn't happen with this soon I'm going to have to take that test again and re-mark that anger answer.

Do you get angry quickly?  FUCK YES MOTHERFUCKER.


B. McGillicutty said...

In the defense of the receptionist, most of us in the admin world have to put up with an ungodly amount of stupidity in the people we see.
I'm an admin myself, formerly a receptionist, and I remember my receptionist days when people would drive me insane. It's a pretty thankless job and it isn't easy.

That being said, it's a doctor's office. Lighten the hell up, receptionist wench.

Kim Bieske said...

I know all about dealing with stupid people...I work for TSA. Of course I'm not sure who is more stupid more oten - employees or passengers. :/

I was the first and only one in the office and I wish she would've at least engaged in conversation with me like I tried to start. Then she would have realized that while Billings was completely snow-free, the drive on the way was absolutely insane for me.

diana lesjak said...

I am brave after the fact when it comes to rude people but in the situation, not so much! Sometimes I do pull the occasional, "My, are you having a bad day today?, this can usually bring someone out of starkyville! Hope the relief comes sooner than later for you!

The Accidental Somebody said...

Usually if I can start some small talk I can sneak in some humor and end up laughing about something. She wasn't havin it. Friendly FAIL. :)

quirkyloon said...

Ay, yi, yi! I should blog about the time a doctor made me cry.

Yep, even doctors can be douche bags sometimes, but why is that most office staffs usually ARE rude and inept?

It's a conspiracy!

Karie Mcrae said...

The receptionist would have pissed me off too. I can't tell you how many times that I show up on time for a doctor appointment only to wait an hour because he/she is running behind. Your late five minutes and the twit is acting irritated with you. Wouldn't you have loved to call her on her shitty behavior?

Feel better. Keep us posted!

Eviltwinswife said...

The receptionist is probably the doc's wife. That's usually how it pans out around here. If I get the rude encounter, I'll find another better doctor. Good luck!

ROxy said...

this made me laugh out loud. I used to be a receptionist and being nice to people and making them laugh used to give me a kick, especially the rude ones. It's funny how people go from tense to relaxed and lose their attitude.
However I've met so many shitbag-receptionists it's unreal.

Amber@DirtyLaundry said...

I hate driving in the snow.

Annoying receptionists suck.

Sandra said...

Whatever happens, at least you now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not a mechanic. That's gotta be worth risking your life on snowy roads, right?

Mrs. Tuna said...

How you ever get the impulse to stab receptionists?