Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 things

My writing has been lackluster for a bit now, mainly because my brain is already full of things like linguistic anthropology, the hundred (I swear!) countries in Africa I've memorized, and a giant monologue that I've also memorized so I can perform it for my class.

Excuses, excuses, I know - but my brain is so fried I can't even come up with good ones!  So tonight I'm going to keep it simple and see if I can come up with 100 things about me.

Pull up a chair this is going to be fascinating!  Bring a pillow and blankie too...

1.   I'm 5'10"
2.   I won't wash/rinse the dishes unless I'm wearing rubber gloves
3.   my hair is naturally curly
4.   I love to read
5.   I hate to cook
6.   my grandpa taught me to snow ski when I was 5
7.   I haven't snow skied since I was a teenager
8.   I am #5 of 7 kids
9.   I was raised Mormon
10.  I am no longer Mormon, had my name removed from their records years ago
11.  I would love to be a surrogate
12.  I can't dance worth a shit
13.  I enjoy singing but I'm no pro
14.  I wear size 11 women's shoes
15.  my uncle used to call my feet Hawaiian war canoes
16.  I can play the piano
17.  I was a volleyball player in high school
18.  I LOVE to nap
19.  I am a huge Spongebob fan
20.  I suffer from severe depression
21.  I'm a good mom
22.  I have a good sense of humor
23.  when I was young I wanted to be a photographer
24.  if I had it my way I'd go days without speaking a word
25.  I hate talking on the phone
26.  I've been keeping a journal since before I could write (I dictated my entries to my mom then)
27.  I played the bassoon in high school (and I was really good at it!)
28.  I also played the flute
29.  and the tuba
30.  I'm pretty sure I have no short term memory
31.  I can't remember what I just wrote
32.  I refuse to talk about politics
33.  I loved and very much enjoyed both of my pregnancies
34.  I can only speak one language but would love to learn American Sign Language
35.  some of my most fun moments are spent eating out at restaurants with my kids - we always end up in rolling laughter    
36.  I'm a serious procrastinator
37.  I am single and one of these days I might write a post explaining why
38.  but then again I might not
39.  I'm only at #39?
40.  really?
41.  I had a breast reduction in 2001
42.  a month later I had my appendix removed
43.  I call my front torso my patchwork quilt, what with all the scars
44.  I was in the Army Reserves right after high school
45.  throwing live grenades was one of the coolest things I've ever done
46.  so was shooting a machine gun
47.  I made a terrible soldier - I'm a lover not a fighter
48.  I didn't peak in high school
49.  I didn't peak in my 20s
50.  I'm finally hitting my peak now and am enjoying every minute
51.  I have awesome kids
52.  I have a huge fear of rejection
53.  I am enjoying standing out in the crowd as an older student at college
54.  it means I have a story
55.  I'm painfully shy until you get to know me
56.  I love love love to laugh
57.  self-deprecating humor is the most fun
58.  it takes a lot to rile me up
59.  I'm not easily offended
60.  I didn't have a backbone until recently
61.  I love amusement park rides...the faster and higher the better
62.  my butt is my worst feature and I will do everything I can to hide it
63.  my eyes are my best feature and I enjoy prettyin' em up
64.  I would love to go ghost hunting, as long as I'm with someone really brave who won't mind me climbing on their back like a monkey when I'm skeered
65.  I have very little patience for bullshit
66.  I enjoy drawing
67.  I enjoy writing stupid silly songs
68.  I am fluent in sarcasm, but I know how and when to use it
69.  I'm a chicken when it comes to trying new things
70.  I find people to become more/less attractive as I get to know their personalities
71.  I've never broken a bone
72.  my first job was as a "hose holder," for my dad's carpet cleaning business
73.  I was probably 7-8 years old when I began working for him
74.  I'm actively trying to find a new job right now
75.  I have little respect for people who feel sorry for themselves and do nothing about it
76.  I find myself in that category all too often which is one reason I went back to school
77.  I keep dozing while writing this list
78.  I've competed in two triathlons
79.  they made me so proud of myself
80.  I'm proud that I've made it to #80
81.  I don't like whiners
82.  I like to paint
83.  my nose crooks to the right just a little
84.  my eyes used to be blue, but in my late teens they became yellow around the pupils.  over time that yellow spread and now they're green
85.  I like them better green
86.  I like when my kids tell me they're proud of me
87.  I am obsessed with my chunk but too lazy to do anything about it
88.  I have dreams that I take huge drags of cigarettes and LOVE it
89.  I don't smoke - never have
90.  if I hear people smacking their gum I want to slap them in the face
91.  I've never been in a real fight
92.  if anyone harmed my kids in any way I would go to jail for beating them to a bloody pulp
93.  I don't like extreme heat or extreme cold - I like the in-between
94.  I love to watch movies, especially with my kids
95.  I think holding hands is one of the most romantic gestures ever
96.  one of the best things I've learned with age is to pick my battles.  it has made me a better parent, friend, and partner
97.  I love sappy chick flicks
98.  I would love to be courted
99.  I absolutely love to camp - I haven't been since I was pregnant with Amanda and I plan on taking the kids this summer
100.  I had a hard time coming up with this list because I generally see myself as a fairly boring person

The end!


Nat said...

Such a great read! Really enjoyed finding out so many things about you... I would never have guessed you were fluent in sarcasm ;-)

Jjaus10 said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing, I bet I can come up with one hundred more! I love you Kim. Love Josh

Roksana Podgorska said...

Awesome, I don't think I'd be able to come up with a 100 for myself... Hmmm, a challenge?

Steve said...

That was cool Kimmie. and maybe something that everybody should do once in a while just to see what comes up.