Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is meant to be...

...will always find its way.

In other words, sit down, shut up, and BE PATIENT.

A couple weeks ago I was in extreme stress mode - my car wouldn't start.  I had already been planning on getting another car, something used but reliable.  My brother had a friend who was trying to get rid of a car that was old and had tons of miles on it, but it was cheap.  They wouldn't answer my calls, they wouldn't answer his.  They knew I was interested.


I had to borrow my mom's car, I had to find rides, we had to sit at home when we wanted to go out and do things.

It sucked.

We kept looking for a good car, I had my sister looking in Omaha, friends at work were on the lookout, my brother was working hard to find me something.

Finally I stopped myself and my attention turned to a small piece of paper I tore out of a notebook and hung on my refrigerator, and on it I had scribbled

What is meant to be will always find its way...

Deep breath.  What is meant to be will always find its way.  I'll be ok.  I'll be taken care of.  We will get what we need.  Stop worrying.  Stop stressing.

A friend came over and got my car running - the stress level plummeted.  It bought me some time to relax and look for a car.

A few days later I got a phone call from a family friend who worked at a dealership in town.  They had a couple of cars that fit my budget, would I be interested in checking them out?

Is a frog's ass water tight?

The first car we were led toward was this little beauty.  She had been owned by an older couple who rarely drove her and took excellent care.  She had 26,000 miles put on her over eight years.  She was in my budget.  She found her way to us...

She is perfect.

Welcome to the family Bruiser the Cruiser.


Steve said...

Hi Kimmie, Sometimes the best way to find something is to stop looking. I hope you and Bruiser have along and happy ride together!

Diana a.k.a. Meme said...

Ha... Looks like a perfect fit! Glad it all came together!!

Roksana Podgorska said...

Is that a chrysler?
It's pretty, I'm so glad you found it. And you are right Kim, what's meant to be will be.

DazeeDreamer said...

That is so cool. And not so many miles. Its still like new.

Jjaus10 said...

It is a very fine car for a very fine woman. You deserve it Kim enjoy it and call me when you need it washed and the oil changed. I love you Kim.


Jayne said...

Excellent lesson. The Universe always knows exactly what we need even better than we do. The trick is getting the hell out of its way. Congratulations. It's a lesson that has served me well oh these many years. I wish I'd learned it at your age.

And she's a beauty!