Monday, March 12, 2012

Turned that frown upside down

I like daylight savings, I really do.  I like the feeling of sunshine later into the day - it feels like summer even though Mother Nature will probably dump a shitload of snow on us any day now.

What I don't like is how much it's fucking with my kids' internal clocks.  Normally they come in my room and read for a half hour or so, then bedtime at 9:15.  I've been letting them stay up closer to 10:00 to help offset the time change.

Tonight not too long after they laid down Amanda came into the living room complaining she couldn't sleep.  I sent her away with her drawing pad in hand and told her to draw or write in her journal.  No problemo.

Seconds later Brandon appeared in tears.

I've just been laying and laying there and I'm so bored and I can't sleep!!

Are there any books in the bookshelf you haven't read?

 (he just finished another 500-pager tonight, I think it took him three days)

No I've read them all.

Smelling a challenge, I browsed our meager bookshelf.  I named a few, to which he replied Yes, I've read that one...that one too...yup that one too...*sniff*

Then I found it.

Treasure Fucking Island

Only without the fucking.

No sooner had I said the title than my boy was heading toward me with a huge smile on his face.

I should write a book on this whole single parenting gig - getting my girl to sleep with a drawing pad and my boy to sleep with a book should give me some street cred.

Am I right?!


Steve said...

As always. :-)

Jjaus10 said...

You are a great mom Kim and they are lucky to have you. You have a very calming aura about you and your ability to think outside the box is great. Lucky kids!


Keith Wynn said...

It takes me a good month (at least) to adjust accordingly :)

Lindamedrano said...

I think as a Mom, you are doing a great job. You have creative and engaged kids! It really is the harder time change I think. I like the "staying light later" but the early hours for the first couple of weeks are tough. But it's almost Spring! Happy happy joy joy!

Christopher Arnel said...

Great post! Great parenting also. My Kids would rather listen to music or read or be read to get to sleep as well. Like you, i am awaiting the big ass snow fall that we are destined to have. being in the midwest, mother nature's bi polar ass always gives us a lil then takes a lot **again thanks for following my blog**

Karie McRae said...

You are a great mom. This stupid time change has messed with my kids schedule too. My kids couldn't sleep either. I add the "F bomb" to many thoughts in my head. I have to make sure that I don't say it as often as I think it. Which is often.

Greg Gobat said...

I love how raw your writing is. no filter and no holding back. Fuckin' awesome.