Monday, February 3, 2014


This little guy is named Charlie.  We saw him at the lost and found section of a local shelter and Amanda nearly shit herself she loved him so much.  After five days and no one to claim him, we got to adopt him and call him our own.

Personally I'm not a fan of poodles (or the ridiculous hairdos they are subject to), but this little 4.5 pound cutie is absolutely adorable.  Assumed to be around four years old, he is incredibly mild-mannered, walks great on a leash, and is just SWEET.  He is the perfect combination of our two dogs who we had to let go of, and he has brought a spark into our home that has been desperately needed. 
Welcome to our family Charlie, we've been waiting a long time for you!


Mrs. Tuna said...

Poodles can be great, no shedding. Smart too, that's why they use them in the circus.

Ernest Boston said...

I am so glad for you all!!!

Rob Bear said...

We have had several Poodles, most of them full-sized. Awesome dogs!

Blessings and Bear hugs!