Friday, October 9, 2009

I miss 'em.

It's Friday, and that means Amanda and Brandon are at their dad's house, spending the weekend with him.  That's not a bad thing...I love it when they report that they've had a great time with him.  I just miss them when they're away.  The apartment feels a bit lonely and extra quiet.  It seems that everywhere I look I'm reminded of them not being here.

Some of my favorite pictures.

Barbies drying out...kind of creepy I know.

The night light in their bedroom - it sits on top of the dresser which houses a few toys.

Brandon's kindergarten and first grade pictures hanging on the fridge.  Goodness he's growing.  Makes me sad and excited all at the same time.

Amanda's second and third grade pictures hanging on the fridge.  She is such a gorgeous little girl if I do say so myself.  :)

One of my favorite pictures of Brandon...look at those eyes...

One of B's toys on the counter top.


frizzlefry said...

Amanda looks SO much like you did as a little girl. It's awesome. :)

The Accidental Somebody said...

Frizzlefry...who are you?? If you don't want to be public please email me... who knew me as a kid??


The Accidental Somebody said...

Hold on...I think I know who you are... :)

Anonymous said...

aren't they the most gorgeous two kids anyone could look at. Both have a mixture of Mom and Dad two great people. Grandma ( of course) we do have bragging rights!

The Accidental Somebody said...

Carol, we did make a couple of darn cute kids didn't we? While I do see myself in Amanda more and more, I still think they both have more Bieske in them than anything.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought that Mandy looks just like you. Brandon, now thats another story. Spitting image of his Dad when he was young. Carol