Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alone time with my man little man, that is.  Last night Amanda opted to stay the night with her dad, while Brandon crashed at my pad.  I haven't had alone time with either of the kids in a very long time, so this was a welcome treat.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to have a girl's night out with my pretty lady.

We partied hard at Walgreens while we waited for a prescription to be filled.  I bet they're still cleaning up that mess... 

We stopped by Arby's for some beef and cheddar goodness, and when we came home we hung out with our curly fries and practiced our cheesy grin staredown.  He won.

Hmmm... there are no words to describe this picture.  It

I *snuck* (read: posed for this awesome action picture) behind for a surprise attack. 

Here he is asking me for the upteenth time if he could play the Wii.  His face speaks of serious business, mine speaks of wondering how long I can keep him begging because he's so cute when he does.

Finally, Wii time!

Before long the TV was off and he snuggled in with me on the futon.  Not long after, we decided to hit the hay.  We were both exhausted!

All in all it was a good evening.  Uneventful, but good.  I enjoyed the lack of fighting but I missed the sight of my pretty girl. 


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Anonymous said...

Quality time spent! life is good! Grandma