Friday, January 15, 2010

Sound advice

Tonight Brandon came into my bathroom where I was bent towards the mirror, picking at my face (I know... gross), and the following conversation ensued...

"Mom, whatcha doin?  Poppin' a pimple?

"I'm just pickin' at my nose, you might not want to watch it's kinda gross."

"Oh, it's OK I've seen it done before.  You know, you should do it like Dr. Oz says to do it."

"Really?  And how is that?"

"You just take a needle and flame it a little <arms up in the air, holding a pretend needle against a flame>, then poke it into the top of the pimple then squeeze <fingers together on his nose>.  That way it doesn't spleuge <fingers bursting outward, simulating expulsion of  pimply goobs>...

There is no end to this boy's brilliance.


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