Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm sick of my hair.  I get so impatient with it, cut it more often than I should, then get impatient with it again.  I like it short, I like it long, I hate it in between.  I've been in between for almost four years.  I spent months growing it out to chin-length, then cut it again because even at chin length it's a pain in the ass.  

So I've decided to surrender to my hair.  No matter what I do with it I don't like it, so I figure if I just leave it alone at least it can grow while I am not liking it.  I'll wear a fucking mullet until the back is long enough to sprout a little pony tail.  That's how much I care about my hair right now.  So if you see me and I look like shit, believe me when I say I already know and I really don't care.  Bah humbug. 


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! leave it alone, it suits you and your personality. Grandma

Roxy said...

I think you look really good with a short do. Very mature and sophisticated. However I realise that a woman needs a change and hair is the one thing we can change the fastest. Unless you want it long right after you've had it cut :P
in between phases are the worst.