Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 18...quiet

I forget how much I enjoy the TV, no music, no talking...just quiet. I got out of the house earlier and caught a movie, but felt like heading home when it was over instead of finding something else to do. It's a dreary, rainy, cold day and nothing feels better than to just sit and veg. I'm glad I went out, though because it forced me to get dressed, fix my hair, and put a little make-up on. Normally I wouldn't care what I look like when I am out and about, but today I wanted to feel less schleppy than usual.

I have a couple of very quiet *friends* to keep me company...George has had to stay in his cage because I had a fire going in the fireplace and that's the first place he would've headed. Poor George. Someone once told me he's the perfect pet for me because all he does is sleep...just like me. He was right!

Just a pic of the rain on my window...

I promised Brandon I would take good care of Mort, and I never break a promise. He's a great *quiet* friend...doesn't make a peep.

I still have five days left until I return to work, and I've enjoyed the time off I've had so far. I have gotten more accomplished in the past week than I have all month, and I feel that with all the chaos that is happening, my life is taking on a calm like never before.

The kids seem to be doing well, and I hope they are having a great time with their dad. I worry about Brandon, as he is the least vocal of the two when it comes to sharing feelings about what's going on. Amanda is completely open, and we've shared discussions at a maturity level beyond some adults I know. One time she actually said, "Let me repeat what you just said so I make sure I understand you." Geezaloo...I could learn a thing or two from her.

Overall, today I feel good, I feel calm, I feel at peace. I savor every moment of these good feelings because I know they can change without a moment's notice.


Anonymous said...

What a great day to do exactly what you did. Glad you kept your promises as that is so important Everyday, everyway possible to those you love. Enjoy the time away from work.

Amanda said...

Yea, good for you. I love rainy veg days, too. And Mort ... doesn't make a peep ... he he he! :)