Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The most boring post. ever.

I headed outside this afternoon to get my hungover lazy ass out of bed fill of the beautiful sunshine, and I took my camera along to capture the purty scenery I was sure to find.  I didn't go far, just across the golf course and up the hill the kids and I have enjoyed hiking in the past.  I've snapped pictures from the top of that hill before but I knew this time around they would be prettier because the last ones were taken in March, long before any greenery showed up.  Once I got home though, I realized they were all just a bunch of boring, lame, uninteresting shots.  Well, shit.

So the three pictures above are the best shots of the day, believe it or not. Yawn.  The first is a random pic of my awesome hiking boots.  I've had those boots for about fifteen years and they are the most worn in, comfy boots I've ever owned.  Not bad for a Wal Mart special!  Love the boots, will never get rid of them.

The next photo is the canal that runs behind the golf course.  As kids we used to inner tube down it, and as I looked at it today I thought yuck, we used to get into that nasty shit...but we did have fun, and if we were extra enthused we'd go down it again and again.  Then during the fall after the canal was empty, we'd walk along the dry bed looking for aluminum cans for the can drive at school.  

And last but not least, are the ladybugs.  There were so many of them I could hardly count 'em all!  I did manage to get a clear shot of a couple of them - so pretty!

There you have it, the most boring blog post ever.  One thing I can say for sure, I do my best to not let my readers down.  I'm happy that today was no exception.



susandiehl said...

LOVE your photos; look forward to them! They are NEVER boring!

Roxy said...

Say whatever you want... I LIKE THEM!

Linda Medrano said...

Actually, that photo is very stunning! I'm impressed!